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Script Overview First Read



John reads the script/treatment/pilot and takes page notes. From his page notes, he writes a general overview of global notes which are further broken down into various catagories. 


5-8 pages

Script Overview Second Read



Covers the same as above with the focus on polishing the script.

5-8 pages

Consulting Services

You have written a script. Now, you want to market it. In order to get people in the industry to read your script, it must meet certain industry criteria - technical, creative, and commercial. As you read through the description of John's In-Depth Analysis, you'll get a sense of his analytical process with every script he reads.

No-one in the industry is more thorough than John when it comes to ferreting out the details of your story, deconstructing it to see each element and how they relate to each other, and helping you integrate those elements into a cohesive and commercial whole.


Script Analysis 



15-18 page

written critique +

30-60-minute phone consultation

John reads the script twice and takes detailed page notes. Then, he breaks down the global notes into specific sections titled as follows: 








15-18 pages written critique + 30-60-minute phone consultation


Complete In-Depth Script Analysis 



25-30 pages

written critique +

extended phone consultation until you are complete 

John reads the script 3 times, dives deep into the crevices of your story and takes detailed page notes. Then, he breaks down the global notes into specific sections titled as follows:










25-30 pages + extended phone consultation until you are complete

Story Concept Consultation


$250.00 per hour


$1,250.00 for a

6-hour day

You may have a full treatment or merely an idea scratched out on the back of an envelope. John helps you develop that idea through Character cultivation, theme, plot, and story structure to give you a firm platform upon which to build your movie script.


A series of one-hour phone sessions with I will guide you from the beginning to the end of a specific project. You can begin with a story idea, a character, a treatment, or an outline. (If you have a completed draft, I request that you get an In-Depth Analysis first.)  I will help you to craft a strong story structure with three-dimensional characters, plot, subjective story line, and other elements that make a good screenplay from Fade In to Fade Out. At the end of each session, you will get a suggested guidance for the next step.

Development sessions are ideal for part-time writers who need a structured step-by step approach, or who are new to writing screenplays. They are also great if you are a seasoned writer and feel as if you’ve gotten stuck in a rut, need fresh insight and a different perspective into your craft. It lends a sense of structure to your process that perhaps has dissipated. You may arrange the frequency of sessions to fit your schedule and writing process.

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