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From Creative Screenwriting 

March/April 2003; vol. 10, #2

“ John Rainey is the best of the best.”

– Eric Bauer, Managing Editor

“ John Rainey has the most specific definition of theme that I have ever heard... Extremely detailed... Very specific. Very perceptive... This guy really knows his stuff.”

– Jim Shea, writer

What John's Clients Say

I've used several other professional critiquers and can honestly say that I have never received such a thoughtful, thorough or useful analysis.

You not only point out the flaws in my script, but give excellent, specific suggestions on how to fix them. Best of all, your comments are like a tutorial on how to deepen the meaning and emotional impact of a screenplay that I know I will refer to again and again when writing subsequent scripts. So, brad for brad, even though it cost more upfront, this has undoubtedly been the least expensive critique I've ever gotten.

Doreen Orion, author & screenwriter; Boulder, CO

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your incredibly incisive and thoughtful comments on INVINCIBLE.

A producer to whom I've shown your analysis agreed that you've provided a really strong framework/template from which to improve the script. You've managed to cut right to the heart of the matter, and I'm now really confident that I'll be able to knock this rewrite out of the park.

Brad Gann; Los Angeles, CA

We will never send out a script without making you the last stop.

Your comments were clear and to the point, and as promised, you did not sugarcoat them. You pointed out some weaknesses I recognized, as well as some I would not have found if I had read the script a thousand times. One thing I can assure you: the next project I send will not be such an early draft. I'd like to save you some time and ink, and me some ego. Great job!

Sean Cameron; Kokomo, IN

"Whether it's an original script or a studio assignment, John Rainey is always the first person I have read my work."

Mark L. Smith; Boone, NC

"Your critique of my script blew me away. Funny, how I can see others' errors, but was so blind about my own. You really opened my eyes to a whole new level of screenwriting."

Bode Donne; New Hyde Park, NY

"There is nothing more valuable than honest and critical feedback. It is for this reason that I am seeking your services once again."

Roy Leyton; Doylestown, PA

No doubt about it – Rainey Script Consulting is the "best of the best".

John Rainey is an absolute marvel. His criticisms are as perceptive as his praises. And he gives specific suggestions on improving your story's plot so that it closely adheres to your theme.

Rodney Stevens; Columbia, SC

It's the best consultation I've ever had.

Just wanted to thank you for your thorough, insightful, and very helpful critique of my script. I learned a lot. The feedback was right on. I really felt as though you understood it and helped me see it with new eyes. 

Tyrone Sheppard; Glendale, CA

I just finished reading your analysis. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Thank you for being so brilliant, and you have a great sense of humor. All I can say is WOW!! NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING escaped your trained eye. You turned up so many things I was not aware of. You are worth every cent of the money I spent and you are NOT the only one who has offered me professional criticism. I am so glad and thrilled by your analysis. Now, I know what I can do and the different directions in which I can go. You MISSED NOTHING. Thank you again.  


I love your brilliant, very careful care and attention to this impossible story. You had more patience with its problems than I did. You treated it like it was one of your own — probably better than, even.  You nurtured it, studied it and gave elaborate, wonderful insights to problems I did not even know existed.  


I write you to thank you and to ask what the next step is? What I have been doing, of late, is deconstructing screenplays  to see where my errors are. Then along comes your CRITIQUE, which explains everything better than I could ever have hoped. Perhaps, we could discuss the OUTLINE before I write another version using your detailed observations. Thank you again for all your work!"

Erich von Sonne; Orlando, FL

"You are my screenwriting teaching God!"

Mark L. Smith; Boone, NC

I had written an action movie featured on HBO, and won a Gold Award from the Houston Film Festival.

Five minutes into my first consultation with John Rainey, it dawned on me that, in fact, I was nothing but a lucky amateur who only now was finally learning from a calm, brilliant, sympathetic teacher how the pros do it.

Herb Borkland; Baltimore, ML

I received your notes yesterday and worked five hours on rewriting. Total Inspiration!

I'm doing just about everything you advised. This is my first screenplay and I've never had any classes, so as painful as it may have been, I appreciate you taking me to school. Hopefully, with your insight I can turn my idea into a better story.

Joshua Hale; Logan, UT

Your critique was a shock to my system.

I’ve never had anyone be so direct with my work before. Thank you for dynamiting me out of the old and into the new. Though the old had gotten some nice comments, the script hadn't gone anywhere. Now that I realize the incredible value of your comments, I have the passion to dig in and totally revamp this thing.

Jill Lamont; West Covina, CA


I believe you found the movie and for that I am grateful. As I read the script with new eyes, I couldn’t help myself and laughed out loud over your comments. Your great advice certainly improved things.

It wasn't until I read your second review that I understood all the things you were trying to teach me in your first. I appreciate all you have done for me. You've provided me with a clearer picture of my story and given me a shot at creating that rare beast - a great screenplay...

Stephen Kelly; Jacksonville Beach, FL

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